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Each one of us has a unique life story and perspective.

What connects between us is


What attracts us the most is


Hi, my name is Roee Elisha and I'm  a  geographer, photographer, storyteller, life coach, inspirational speaker & explorer.

​In my work I pollinate people's minds with broad perspective and a unique point of view, towards

creative growth.

I invite you to explore the longitudes & latitudes of my life:

From compelling landscapes & portraits to inspiring & authentic stories.

From creative photography techniques to innovative practices in life. 

My goal in this project was to present my original story unfiltered, using my natural aptitudes: photography & storytelling.

Come travel through the landscapes of my mind and spark your imagination. 

This is my story. What's yours?  Choose your beginning.



If you want to connect with (your) nature


If you need some perspective

Kids Life...

If you want to grow with yours


If you seek for flexibility

Urban Delights...

If you're a city type

Macro & Abstract...

If you're open-minded

Landscapes & Nature...

If you need to get "out of here"

A Sense Of Individuality...

If you look for bonding

For stories - look for the book:

Alonim, Israel

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