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white dream story

White Dream

It all began during a phone call with my mother: “I want you and your brother to go on a men’s trip with your father”. Four months later we landed in Finland. ​Two generations and three mindsets who share blood are about to co-record lifetime memories in the everlasting white wild nature of Lapland.

Some experiences in this journey have surfaced unsettled issues, while others healed secret wounds.

During this unforgettable week, I felt I was a character in a white dream that was directed by this unseen but certainly felt divine force that was holding the "right" paintbrushes.

White Eyes

From the beginning of our journey I had a strong feeling that I failed to describe, even to myself. It would take me months to realize that this feeling enfolds the sensation of a western-modern mind who meets the pristine and energetically-pure nature, in the form of Lapland.     


Often I isolated myself from the group for shooting or meditation. In these moments I got the sense of the scale of things. My life-lesson takeaway was a “bit” of perspective.

Lastly, 25 years ago I served in the Israeli Defense Forces in South Lebanon as a military dog trainer. The familiar smells, sounds and views that I caught in my senses in our visit to the huskies farm opened bottled memories. Many of my PTSD’s hidden wounds were healed there.

Being Yourself

I have visited wild locations before, from NZ to the desert of Jordan, however this trip has settled in my heart. Something about the intersection between my longitude and latitude and those of Lapland made this trip unforgettable.

Snow Dog
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