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Urban Delights

Those who know don’t talk; those who talk don’t know”…

(Tao Te Ching, Verse 56).

About This Video
In Harmony

I took this video in one of the magical streets of Byron Bay, Australia. Listening to the stranger's music, then and now, inspires me to get lost in the process of creation, aimlessly, like the Tao. His authentic appearance has taught me humbleness and non-stereotypical  thinking, which ultimately echoes in the above quote of Lao Tzu.

About This Page
Urban Photos Through "Rural Eyes"
When You Know Yourself

If there is anything that I'm certain about is that I’m not the urban type. However, human diversity, which only urban areas can offer, fascinates me and triggers my creative expression. ​A living paradox is born.

This paradox is manifested in some of my urban photos that originate in my "rural eyes". These experiences exist in many cities: from MELBOURNE, where I lived twice, to AMSTERDAM my European home, from SINGAPORE, that I was falling in love with from one layover to another, to beautiful SAN-FRANCISCO in which I worked and stayed with my Woodstock older friends.

The fingerprints of these and more are waiting to be explored by you…Enjoy.


I fell in love with Singapore when I was 22 years old. I first visited the special island in a planned 3 day layover on my way to Australia. I followed my big brother's advice, who visited the unique urban city-country several years before me. When they stamped my passport in the airport on my way out, I knew I would come back. I didn't realize I'd come back again and again, six times actually. Read the full story.

For the story behind this visit, read the Traveler Off-The-Beaten-Path Perception story.

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