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The Movement Principle - From The Bird's Eye View:

My Story Of Bird Migration


It was a fantastic experience to change my eye view to a bird’s one while flying in a hot air balloon a couple of years ago. For nearly an hour, I witnessed how birds might feel, see and perceive earth.

What inspired me to go on this flight was the marvelous seasonal movement of bird migration.

​Israel enjoys one of the world's major migration flyways. Each spring and fall, over 500 million birds are funneled over the country, flying from their nesting grounds in Europe and Asia to their wintering grounds in Africa, and back.

I am fascinated by their endurance, energy utilizing techniques and teamwork.


There are three main areas in which I look up to the sky and enjoy their amazing seasonal journey:

1. Arava Desert in Southern Israel - where I visit 2-3 times a year.

I love looking at the sky and watching their inspiring V-shape flight formation, against the dramatic mountain views along the Jordan Valley.

Migration 2

2. Izrael Valley in Northern Israel- during morning hikes near my house, or when lying on the fields with my kids, I look up and hear them chirp and caw. Sometimes I smile, sometimes I cry, but I always thank them in my heart for making me feel one with the earth.

Come On Baby Light My Fire
Wait For Me

3. Hula Valley in Northern Israel- It is considered as one of the top bird watching centers in the world, hosting tens of thousands of different species every year. This is THE site where they rest and eat on their way from Africa to Lapland and back. The food in this site is provided to the birds by local farmers as part of a crops damage control program- a joint effort with the nature preservation authorities.

National Geographic Channel
Flying Low
Morning Reflection
On The Move

Traveling enables me to generate movement in my thoughts and feelings. It triggers my imagination and helps me gain a fresh perspective.

As I thoroughly explain and present in the Flexibility page, I love taking pictures from different angles, using my imagination: whether from a cat’s point of view, an insect, or a child’s. Shooting from above is the final piece in my perceptual puzzle.

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