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"A man will face many battles in his life. But fighting against his true nature is a battle he will surely lose"

Fukuhara, Giri/Haji (義理/恥,-"Duty/Shame in Japanese) "TV Series 2019

About This Video
Visual Breath
Whenever I arrive to this viewpoint I feel I can breath again. It overlooks the Makhtesh, a worldwide unique geological form which resembles a crater. It is located in Mitzpe Ramon in the heart of the Israeli desert.
About This Page
The Perspective Principle - Desert Stories

Brown is the color of the desert. Brown is the color of my childhood and youth. Brown is the color of special memories with my family. Brown is where I breath and meditate. Brown is where I feel safe.

My Men

Brown is where I understand my thoughts. Brown is where I went to schools and university. Brown is where I gain fresh perspective and reflect on my life. Brown is where I enjoy great music festivals. Brown is the color of Israel in me. Brown is where I feel myself. This page is all about these. Enjoy.

Into the Unkown
Mini Israel

Open spaces and pristine nature are rare to find in Israel. It is an overpopulated country characterized by a complex demographic puzzle. Its sub-populations differ in their religious, cultural habits, ethnic origin, identity and... appearance. This diversity is somewhat presented in the photo. I love this photo as it reminds me that I'm not alone in my need to “visually breath”. The photo also represents what nature does the best when it's left untouched: it bonds people together, and heals them regardless their background.

green & brown

The Powerful Energy of Originality - A Story About Green & Brown


Young Israel "wanted" to be green. It didn't accept the brown as the default dominant color of the land.

Early European Jewish immigrants who left their countries of origin wanted to copy & paste the forest and meadows to their new home. Read the full blog.

The Perspective Principle - Desert as a Mind Perspective Builder
The Perspective Principle - Desert As A Mind Perspective Builder 
The artist in me constantly seeks to gain fresh perspectives. I refresh my point of view by playing with the two elements that comprise what I call the Perspective Principle: time and place. The principle feeds and nourishes my work and life. I perceive this principle as a mind muscle which requires an ongoing workout.
The following galleries enfold stories which revolve around this workout.
The Past
Seeking Balance
back to reflection through isolation
The Perspective Principle - Reflection Through Isolation
Every now and then I put my life on hold and go to nature to reflect for a couple of days. Sometimes I go to the mountains, but mostly I go to the desert. Read the full blog.
time travel childhood
The Perspective Principle - Time Travel: Childhood 

I grew up in the desert, so naturally I love going there with my kids. In this journey we bond with nature and one another. Read the full blog.

This gallery enfolds beautiful moments I shared with my eight and a half year firstborn son in a four day trip.

ancient times
life of others
The Perspective Principle - Time Travel: Ancient Times 
​Israel is scattered with ruins of ancient times. Romans, Turks, Arabs, Nabateans, you name it. Once in a while we go camping with the kids in national parks located near ancient cities. ​In these journeys I let my imagination take over and time travel. Being a guest in 2000 years old sites sparks my imagination and develops my creativity. Here is a personal story seasoned with an inspiring story and facts about creativity from ancient times:
A few weeks ago we camped in Mamshit, an ancient Nabatean city from Roman and Byzantine times. I didn't sleep well that night and woke up grumpy. I had my coffee and looked at the kids who seemed bored. Read the full blog.