Be Yourself: The Powerful Energy of Originality

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

A Story About Green & Brown.

Young Israel "wanted" to be green. It didn't accept the brown as the default dominant color of the land. Early European Jewish immigrants who left their countries of origin wanted to copy & paste the forest and meadows to their new home.

Indeed, Israel belongs to a boutique nations club, as it entered the 21st century with more trees than it had 100 years ago.

At first glance, and considering this staggering statistic, the move seems natural and valuable. However, like De-Niro tells Pacino in the famous conversation in the movie Heat, “there is a flip side to that coin". There was a hidden layer which triggered this green move. The immigrants were secretly ashamed of the brown color associated with the Middle East.

But the original color always wins. Time fades the perceptual layers, just like paint gradually disappears. It persistently exposes the painter with the true nature of the raw material.

Israel's top innovative inventions like drip irrigation, solar systems, and aggro-tech originated in the desert or at least were born in relation to arid climate- related challenges.

When a human being or a nation accepts its true nature and consequently acts upon it , the magic occurs.

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