Flexibility As An Imagination Workout

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

"Trust the intelligence of your viewers", my teacher once told me.

One of my favorite techniques is to deliberately obscure parts of the subject. This step triggers movement in your imagination as the viewer, as it requires your brain to complete the image using imagination. Sometimes the goal of these subtractions is to draw the viewers' attention. The driving force which triggers your attention is your curiosity.

Mind flexibility, imagination, curiosity and movement are vital elements that lie at the core of creative thinking, in all fields, through all times.

After all, what lies behind a new product/film/book or innovative move? Imagination. What is THE driving force behind science? Curiosity. What triggers innovative solutions? A movement in the form of cross-pollination between different fields, thinking styles etc.

In creativity, all is one. Everything is interconnected...

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