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"To develop a complete mind: Study the science of art; Study the art of science. Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else"

Leonardo da Vinci

About This Video
Mindfulness & Flexibility

I love lying on a hammock, and watching the tree branches blowing in the wind. In my morning walks, I will often take a break and sit on a street bench, observing the dry leaves carried away along the sidewalk.

Mindfulness nourishes my photography and add a flexible dimension to it. My ability to be strongly connected to the environment triggers flexible shooting. For example, often I shoot great photos with my phone using a "fast draw" technique. My phone replaces the pistol, but the principles remain the same.


Likewise, observation strengthens my ability to engage seemingly unrelated objects in the surrounding into a deeper experience for the viewer, as manifested in the storytelling series below. Behind any skill lies practice.

About This Page
Welcome To A Worldwide Journey On Flexibility: Series With Stories, Tricks & Treats

There are five elements that nourish my photography with flexibility: high sensitivity, strong imagination , spatial perception, love for traveling and my tendency to unconventional thinking. These aptitudes are hosted in the 6 series presented in this page. Can you find them? Enjoy


Series 1

Multiple Points Of Views

Ever since I remember myself it's been quite easy for me to step into another character's shoes and start walking in them. To see the world through their eyes. Thanks to my healthy imagination, I'm capable of leaving my point of view and "seeing" other characters around me, and moreover try to visualize their life-story. The result is often photos or a set of photos which tell a story, some of which are presented below.

Turtle's POV,
Everglades National Park, Miami, USA
Bird's POV
Desert Of Israel (Read the blog)
Bee's Perspective
H'abonim National Park Israel
Meditation Mode.jpg
Kid's Perspective
Kibbutz Meggido Israel (Read the blog)
Boot's Perspective
Amsterdam Holland
Cat's POV
Kibbutz Allonim Israel
Dog's Perspective
Melbourne Australia (Read the blog)
Snow Boot's Perspective
Lapland Finland

Series 2

Imagination Workout

"Trust the intelligence of your viewers", my teacher once told me. One of my favorite techniques is to deliberately obscure parts of the subject. This step triggers movement in your imagination as the viewer, as it requires your brain to complete the image using imagination. Sometimes the goal of these subtractions is to draw the viewers' attention. The driving force which triggers your attention and guides you to click the photo and or explore the story is your curiosity.

Mobile Beauty
Somewhere in Victoria Australia (Read the blog)
Hide & Seek
Melbourne Australia
Desert Of Israel (Read the story)
Rain Deer's Smile
Lapland Finland
Rural Moment
Ha'yogev Northern Israel

Series 3

Flexibility Of Others

Sometimes I see other people's flexibility, as Robertson Davies said: “The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.”


Tel Aviv Israel


Out of My Mind

Forrest Victoria, Australia

Out of My Mind

Series 4

Flexibility As A Storytelling Tool

Another element which contributes to my flexibility is my ability to perceive spatial relationships. The ability to be strongly connected to the environment, whether its a unique light condition, background relationship, or a pose of an object, triggers flexible shooting. It enables me to connect between seemingly unrelated objects into a more comprehensive experience, like the introduction of the voice memos in this series which complement the captures.


Lapland Finland

Be Yourself
00:00 / 00:15

While the group and I were preparing to get on the slides, the husky and his pack were howling. Click here for the 15 seconds voice recording of the howling, for a more synesthesia like experience. I decided to crop the image into this unconventional ratio in order to create space for a sound wave like movement in the viewer's mind.

The Moment Between Points

ATP Melbourne Cup- Women Final 2017

The Moment Between Points
00:00 / 00:07

Give Me Space

Victoria, Australia

Give Me Space

​Sometimes, cropping an image into an unusual aspect ratio serves as a great communication tool with the viewer. In this image I wanted to convey a sense of a wide open space.

Series 5

The Unconventional Thinker

​Ever since I can remember,  I have a tendency to swim against the tide. Thus it is not a surprise that I ended up teaching creativity...I import this practice to my photography in several ways. One method is to rotate my camera in 45 degrees. This move upgrades even conventional captures to an eye-catching ones.

Outsider's Perspective
SF California, USA
Outsider's Perspective
Byron Bay, Australia
Field of H'ayogev, Northern Israel
Who Sets The Rules
Melbourne Australia
Who Sets The Rules
Water Slide
SF California, USA
Water Slide

Series 6

Two For One - Flexibility As A Problem Solving Tool​

​Have you ever used a screwdriver to open a can of paint? Then you've improvised with a flexible solution to solving a problem. You were able to extract more from a given resource. This is the essence of this series: sometimes one raw frame "hosts" several images like a Babushka doll.  When I download the raw image into my "digital dark room",  I sometimes see hidden frames that want to be born. Sometimes by simply rotate them and in others by cropping parts of the original frame. Click on the voice memo from the forest for a synesthesia experience.


Victoria, Australia

Birds In The Forest
00:00 / 00:22

Two for One

Atlit Beach, Israel



Atlit Beach, Israel

Life Is A Game

The Williams Sisters meet for another dramatic match. I wanted to convey to the viewers the visual sense of the very last moment between points. The moment which is characterized with the release of tension combined with concentration. A moment that sounded like this:

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