A Dead TV As An Imagination Enhancer

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Caulfield, Melbourne, VIC Australia.

We lived in this typical western suburb for nearly two years. I go back to this photo from time to time in order to remind myself some of my core beliefs, values, and related insights:

a) All (material) possessions are temporary by nature, even if they are labeled innovative.

b) Now what? From birth to death: to carefully think about the consumed object's lifecycle.

c) It's amazing how quickly technology developed over the past three decades and changed our life. More importantly, in what ways has it restructured our perception and practice of life.

d) While taking this photo, I was wondering if the owner of the TV replaced it with a new LCD screen or with a bookshelf? What motivated him/her to get rid of it? Was it the changing social norm and lifestyle; of a more fashionable flat screen TV? Perhaps the owner became a gadget freak? Or that a random technical error has triggered his/her dormant desire to simplicity.

One of the first things I observe when I visit someone's house for the first time is the interior layout of their living room and the objects that define it. You can learn a lot by observing one's living room; about his/her priorities and set of values, about the relationship between the family members, about their personal taste or design skills, etc.

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