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"I have acquired understanding from all my teachers"

(Psalms 119:99).

About This Video
Life is What Happens To You While You’re Busy Making Other Plans (J.Lennon)
“Did you know”? She sprayed the words to the room space. At this stage it was more ready to absorb them than we did. “Know what”? I asked back while my partner escorts the question with a concerned look. “You’ve got twins”! Read the full story.
About This Page
Lessons Through Moments With My Kids

Of all the educators, kids are my favorite. I learn from their flexible thinking while playing; I learn from their skills of invention while using their imagination; I learn from them how to free myself from my ego. They have flexible, blank pages as minds that enfold unlimited options. They are the original canvas, and thus I learn from them so much about originality and creativity. This page is all about kids.

He who learns from all men
He Who Learns From All Men

Whenever I learn something from them or teach them something, I try to get down to their level and speak their language. Sometimes it's a perceptual move, rather than a physical back-bend.

For example, when I need to convey the notion of a 30 minute car ride to my four year old’s abstract mind, I use a perceptual anchor. Read the full blog.

Intergenerational Love - The Power Of Sweet Childhood Memories


Sweet Chilhood Memory

​When I was a child in the mid 80's, my father used to take me food shopping in a fruit & vegetable market. We lived in Beer-Sheva, a city situated in the Negev, in the heart of the Israeli desert. Read more.

This gallery hosts a fruit and water sprinkler party I organized in our backyard for our three adorable kids in the first COVID 19 lock-down. Enjoy


Hands Full: Parenting 1 + Twins


Erez (Lebanese cedar tree) came first, and he had us all to himself. When he was two and a half years old we moved to Australia. A week after our arrival, we got pregnant...with twins. The full blog.

This gallery enfolds samples of these moments: all together, as individuals, as twins, looking at their big brother, and "single child" moments from my one-on one bonding treats.  

shavuot in the hay

Follow Your Split Heart: Raising kids in Australia Or in Israel?


Ready Set Go

​I was born and raised in Israel.

When Erez, our firstborn, was born we moved to live on a kibbutz in Northern Israel. For those of you who are not familiar with this form of living, I'd summarize it as a collective community that is traditionally based on agriculture. Read the full story

This gallery enfolds snapshots from a rural childhood on a Kibbutz in Northern Israel.