The Perspective Principle- Reflection Through Isolation

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Every now and then I put my life on hold and go to nature to reflect for a couple of days.

Sometimes I go to the mountains, but mostly I go to the desert. Some reflections are co-made with a friend or my oldest son, but mostly I do them alone.

I usually leave the house with my inspirational kit: National Geographic Magazine, yoga mat, my camera and a fiction book. Often I don't use any of them, because what bubbles from the silence is the need for silence.

In these breaks I breathe, reflect on my life story, gain fresh perspective and get to know myself. I remind myself that I am more than a working man, partner or a father, and then I can actually see myself.

Often insights on these time-outs mature into moves in my life.

Undoing is THE inspirational muscle of my creation process, it is as important and valuable as the doing muscle.

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